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Tell-me-why-not is a platform created to implement an innovative approach to community actions. We are a non-profit oriented company that aims to raise money for beneficial charity projects here in Italy.

By generating an ingenious way to raise funds and indirect donations, TMWN’s  purpose is to deliver revolutionary aid to cooperate with the greatest community oriented projects in Italy.

Tell-me-why-not will keep all the donations received to then decide all together on what projects we can focus the funds on at the end of the year.

How It Works

Through affiliate marketing, with the purchase of the majority of products online on Amazon.

By entering the original url link of the product you desire to purchase in the box on the home page, we directly hand you a reversed affiliate link  which allows 3% to 10% (depending on product type) of the total product cost to end up in a community action. No donations are necessary if not wanted; your beneficence comes from the purchase of the product itself. The product you want, at the same price, with a different outcome and impact.

Why Join

E-commerce is continuously growing and developing in today’s markets. In 2017 alone 67% of Millennials and 56% of Gen-Xers preferred shopping on online platforms rather than in-store locations. Humanity has always thrived when working together towards an objective. We are here to have a meaningful impact together as a community. Without you, this is unachievable. Join us and see how easily you can benefit those in need of your help!

So please, Tell Me Why Not!

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